Our Apples

Early Season

Jersey Mcintosh

Sweet, tart, crisp, juicy apple with bright white flesh.

Medium-sized red apple with yellow/green splashes.

Good for fresh eating, pies and apple sauce.

Does not store well.

Our earliest apple. Available in late July early August


Jersey Mac


A medium sized, bright red apple with greenish yellow coloring.

Juicy, with a light sweet/tart and crisp texture.

Like the name says, there’s zesty flavor and crunch when you bite into one!

Excellent for eating.

Available in late August



Mid Season

Empire Apples

A cross between the varieties Red Delicious and McIntosh

Bi-colored with a deep red cheek and a very crisp, juicy flesh.

A wonderful blend of sweet and tart. Excellent for snacking.

Good for sauce, baking, pies and freezing.

Terrific for school lunches, as it will not bruise easily.

Available in late September-early October


Red Delicious

Named when a nurseryman in 1894 exclaimed “My, that’s delicious!”

Bright red fruit with a creamy flesh.

Sweet and juicy, especially when picked ripe from the tree.

Excellent for eating and salads.

Red Delicious apples look great for a long time, so they are an ideal choice for holiday centerpieces and wreaths.

Available in September-October


Red Delicious

Spartans (Acey McIntosh)

Bright-red blush–red becomes purple / maroon when fully ripe with white flesh.

The Spartan apple is a good all-purpose apple.

Crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent fresh eating apple and good for sauce.

Similar to – and just slightly firmer and generally larger – than its cousin the McIntosh.

Available in September and October



Late Season

Golden Delicious

Crisp, juicy and sweet, light yellow flesh.

Sweet-tart flavor that can be enjoyed fresh and baked into crisps, pies, crumbles, tarts, cakes, and breads.

Excellent fresh eating apple and cooked down for sauce, preserves and butters.

Delicious added to green salads and fruit salads. Pairs well with savory items like cheeses, onions, cabbages, pork, and herbs.

Available in October

Golden Delicious

Idared Apples

The Idared runs blush pink to green to red in color and is firm and tart, with white crisp flesh.

A cooking apple excellent for pies, sauces, and tarts.

Very good keeper–known for ability to stay fresh in storage.

Blooms early but ripens late.

Available end of September to middle of October.


Crispin (Mutsu) Apples

A large green apple with a firm, juicy, extra crispy, white to pale-yellow flesh.

Excellent dessert, sauce, and cider apple. Good for salads and pies.

The Crispin apple will take on an even sweeter flavor in cold storage–an excellent keeper.

Available in October


Crispin (Mutsu)

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